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While the cat's away...

...the mice will still be Thai Boxing and practicing Yoga!


Ruth will be continuing her Acro journey with instructor training in Slovinia between 2nd and 17th October. All in-person classes will be covered by some amazingly talented and experienced teachers:

Strong Yoga : Haywards Heath : 6th & 13th October @ 7.30pm

Classes will be taken by Fiona McBride.

Strong Yoga : Tilgate : Sunday 3rd October @ 3.45pm

Class will be taken by Jo Turner

Strong Yoga : Tilgate : Sunday 10th October @ 3.45pm

Class will be taken by Klaudia Svendsen

Strong Yoga : Tilgate : Sunday 17th October @ 3.45pm

Class will be taken by Kerry Short

Men’s & Women’s Thai Boxing Classes in Haywards Heath on Wednesday 6th & 13th October (5pm & 6.15pm respectively) will be taken by active fighter, Holly Connaughton.

Zoom Classes will take the form of Classes on Demand for Strong Yoga and Thai Boxing are available for two week subscription - click here for more details.

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