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My goal is to challenge people’s pre-conceived ideas of ‘yoga’ and share this amazing experience with you. Through yoga, you can find quietness, strength in mind and body, focus and discover that, though challenging, it can be fun.


If yoga was boring and easy, would I do it?

Yoga is for everyone - men, women, couples - anyone who loves a challenge. Whether a beginner who is just starting out, an established athlete who recognises the support that Yoga can offer through core strength, injury prevention, injury healing and breath control. Whether you’ve already discovered the incredible union of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines but are looking to practice with someone new, then come along to one of Ruth Ashdown’s classes - available in Crawley, Haywards Heath and via Zoom online.


Classes - whether in-person or via Zoom - feature the practice of posture, balance, breath work and matras - a true journey of self-development, physical challenge, mind calming and inner peace.


Yoga is super fun and hard work and you’d be hard pressed to find a more passionate teacher who truly believes it means something to find a way of getting in touch with her class members.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is suitable for all and can be adjusted and progressed across all ability levels - from beginner or to support established athletes and sports people.

Improved flexibility, strength, balance and posture

Injury prevention through a focused conditioning of muscles

Injury recovery and easing aches and pains through controlled manipulation of muscles and a reduction in inflammation.

Improved breath control

Lifted mood, reduced fatigue and an increase in spiritual and mental wellbeing

Strengthening lower body (ankles and knees) which helps balance and reduces the chances of falling

Heightened awareness and mindfulness which can be harnessed to control behaviours and self-control - which can help with cognitive functioning, diet and inner awareness and mindfulness.

Proven studies show that Yoga can have a positive impact on blood pressure amongst those with hypertension and is include in many cardiac rehabilitation programmes due to the cardiovascular and stress-relieving benefits.