After all the years of help, encouragement and support that I was given during my Thai Boxing career, I believe it is now my time to give back

Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, is a martial art combat sport and martial art that can be traced back to the sixteenth century as a peacetime training activity for the army of the kingdom of Siam (now Thailand, of course). Today, it is a highly popular sport with amateurs and professionals alike and has become a fun and challenging part of fitness regimes.


Ruth’s journey began at a relatively late age but she is living proof that age should be no barrier - 5 x World Champion, 3 World WBC Titles and the only woman in the world to hold the Diamond Belt.

Benefits of Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing provides a full Body workout - weight loss and body shape improvements (sculpting) with aerobic & anaerobic aspects to the sport

Boosts self discipline, confidence, strategic thinking

Unleashes the Inner Warrior

Promotes stress relief, stamina, endurance and mental health

Increases strength and cardiovascular health

Lifted mood, reduced fatigue and an increase in spiritual and mental wellbeing

Improves hip mobility

Develops agility, balance, co-ordination and flexibility,

Strengthens core and abs

Develops defensive techniques








It is an absolute pleasure to attend Ruth’s Yoga & Thai Boxing classes and it certainly is my favourite part of the week.


Ruth engages with everyone in such a beautiful way, no matter what your experience she puts you at ease and makes you feel incredibly comfortable.


Her yoga is like nothing I’ve been to before! It really focuses on building strength and her funny nature makes these classes super enjoyable, I come away from these classes feeling super refreshed.


I cannot recommend her enough.